Anyone can own commercial real estate.

We purchase high quality commercial real estate nationwide. Our properties are always purchased debt free.  The process is simple; we give everyone the opportunity to own and participate in the benefits of commercial real estate.  An investment in A CRE2U property will provide passive cash flow, starting day one. 


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Available Properties

View details of each available property. The real estate and terms of each lease are carefully analyzed by our team. The due diligence process creates current opportunities that we are excited to share with future partners.


dollar general | IL

minimum investment - $35,000


kay jewelers | PA

Minimum Investment - $55,000

 CRE2U - Long Term Investments

What we purchase?

  • A triple net lease, under which nearly all responsibilities, such as taxes and maintenance, lie with the tenant.
  • A long-term lease with a single tenant.
  • Corporate guarantees on the leases from investment grade corporations.
  • A quality piece of real estate that will appreciate in value over the term of the lease.
 CRE2U - Your Gateway to Commercial Investments

Why should you invest?

  • Diversify your portfolio with stability and security in commercial real estate.
  • Long-term cash flow straight to your bank account on a monthly basis.
  • There is comfort in owning commercial real estate backed by a corporate guaranteed lease.

Want to learn more? Learn more about investment opportunities by speaking with a CRE2U investment specialist.  They will answer questions and explain our process to help diversify your investment portfolio.